Meet Patty Graham

by | Apr 14, 2022

Patty Graham came to Carlsbad Kickboxing Club in 2020 when she was looking for a place to train her one-on-one clients while still being able to be versatile with her kickboxing experience. And to her, it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit.

What she loves about the gym is that it is not only a perfect combination of her passion, but it is also the community. “Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive since day one,” she says. “All the way from our owners, to staff to members and I knew I got really lucky when I got to be part of that.”

Originally from the Inland Empire, the 10-year certified personal trainer has lived in the Carlsbad/Oceanside area since 2012. Her list of certifications is expansive, including: Corrective Exercise; Women’s Exercise Specialist; ACE Functional Training; NASM Fitness Nutrition Certification; Precision Nutrition L1; GGS Pre/Post Natal Certified; TRX Training Certified and more.

But beyond Patty’s certifications, it is clear to anyone who has interacted with her that training is her passion. “I decided to become a trainer after years in the gym just knowing inside, it is what I wanted to do … Fitness has had just such a strong pull for me.”

When Patty goes to a gym, or even just sees others working out, or even is just talking about working out, she gets excited and motivated. That is how she knew it was the perfect career for her.

What she loves most about her job, though, are the people, and seeing what someone really can accomplish. “I love goal setting, plans of action helping them become a stronger, fitter version of themselves, sure, but there is more that goes into training outside of picking up and putting down weights,” she says. “I am so honored to get to be a part of that.”

Her goals for training are to continue to see people in person. “We had such a good response from our Spring Glute Camp, I cannot wait to bring it around again for the fall,” she says. “You never know how many other good things can happen until then.”

As for her future? “The future holds what you are willing to put into it,” she says. So, for now, “the possibilities are endless.”


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